Safe Jam Contest – Round #1 Winners

Congratulations to our winners! We had 9 submissions, and we’ll be hosting Round #2 soon. Our judges include Wernick Method teachers Kristin Scott Benson and Wayne Benson (Spartanburg, SC), Pierre Bastide (Paris, FR) Joan Wernick and Pete Wernick (Niwot, CO).

See all Safe Jam Contest video submissions on this YouTube Playlist

First Place

Possum Track Pickers
Raleigh, NC

“Over in the Glory Land”

Judges Comments:

  • Really nice job and good editing.
  • Nice editing and overall presentation.
  • Good jam band! Good and simple! Isn’t that a definition of music? The sound and the video are really fine. And they smile.
  • Really good rhythm, harmony sounds good. Good going. Loved the opening cicadas. I hope you do this a lot. It is definitely entertaining and your efforts are paying off.
  • Nice closeups (foot tapping!), good to see mics for singing. Good sound and rhythm. Would like to see full group, but looked like good spacing.

Second Place

Lonesome Alligator Band
St. Petersburg, FL
“I’ll Go Stepping Too”

Judges Comments:

  • Nice job all around.
  • Beautiful scenery and nice arranging.
  • Love the birds parts! Good musicians and good song. Not a jam but more a jam band! It’s fun.
  • Loved the birds some good lead. Very nice setting and it moved around and got everyone on camera. Liked this group. Keep it up.
  • Gorgeous setting, with birds! Got tighter as it went along.

Third Place

Hoot n Holler
San Jose, CA
“Mind Your Own Business” 

Judges Comments:

  • Good lead vocal energy.
  • Loved the enthusiasm.
  • Good Honky Tonk tune! Not a jam session but a good job. Simple and efficient.
  • Very enjoyable. Like the song you choose.Not done that much. Nod to Hank. You all sounded good.
  • Good m.c. work and outfits! Cool banjo break. Good rhythm and delivery and spirit. Nice trees!

Here is the original announcement from July 2020:

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