Pete & Joan Wernick’s Bluegrass Jamming Workshops

BASIC Jamming
Saturday, March 20, Noon-1:45pm CDT

FINE POINTS of Jamming
Saturday, March 20, 3-4:45pm CDT

BASIC Jamming
Sunday, March 21, 1:15-3pm CDT

Walnut Valley Festival Spring Workshops

March 20-21, 2021

Join Pete and Joan Wernick for one or more of these online workshops to learn the skills you need to jam!

  • Follow guitar chords to play along with new songs
  • Basics of the number system and ways to use it
  • How to anticipate chord changes on new songs
  • Etiquette/protocols of bluegrass jams, with emphasis on slow jams
  • Playing in different keys, transposing from a songbook to best singing key
  • Simplest way to solo on your instrument
  • You’ll receive 18 pages of student materials in advance (by email) to help learn repertoire and jam skills
  • Learn standard repertoire with playlists of over 100 Jam FavoritesHow to find a melody on your instrument (needed for good soloing)
  • Pete will answer questions

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