Welcome, Bill Parker!

We’re pleased to announce a new Wernick Method teacher! Hailing from Bethlehem, PA, Bill Parker plays mandolin and guitar, and is very active with performing, jamming, and teaching. Check out his upcoming class at the AFBA Festival in Wind Gap, PA.

Bill says:

“I’ve been playing bluegrass music since 2008 and in a band since 2012. I came up in the jam environment and my instructor always told me to attempt to take a lead break no matter what. What he was doing was teaching me to think on my feet, listen to the jam circle and get comfortable playing impromptu. His coaching about how jams work, using the 10 Jammandments and being able to lead them has paid off. Since 2015 I routinely help the AFBA run / lead jams at their festivals and personally host two pickin parties per year. This in turn prompted me to start applying this to our monthly shindigs where we focus on one instrument per month and offer free instruction. I ran a guitar lesson in December (using the three shapes) and am running the mando clinic in February.

“I love circle jams of all sorts and have a passion for teaching. Over the past 2 years I helped Liz Wolfe run the slow jam tent at the August AFBA festival. I try to make sure everyone is comfortable with speed, keys and tempos. Any time I see someone sit out I make sure to ask why and show them whatever I can to help them to participate. There so many tricks and shortcuts beginners can use to build up courage and be heard. Short of being uncomfortable with their instrument, people’s biggest hang-up is making a mistake and thinking they will be judged for it. It’s imperative to create an environment that fosters trying and helping people get past their reservations. Just like how I was taught it should be encouraged to make mistakes. The key is turning yesterdays mistake and converting it to todays success.”

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