New “Ask Pete” Feature

Pete Wernick, originator of bluegrass camps and director of over 150 camps, and creator of the Wernick Method, has a well-established tradition of making himself available to bluegrass fans, new and experienced bluegrass pickers, and others: through online discussion boards, via email, and his own online forum. We are happy to announce the continuation of that tradition with the launch of our new “Ask Pete” feature, with a focus on bluegrass jamming.

Just send your question to Pete via our online form. We’ll post them online with Pete’s response, allowing you and others to take advanage of Pete’s vast knowledge of bluegrass jamming.

We’ve already seeded the list with some jamming questions from years past, and we hope you’ll send in your own!… More Info!

Harmonica in Bluegrass

Jersey Jim writes: Hey Pete, I’ve been a campfire guitar strummer for years but never really tried to advance. (Same old stuff). What I been good at or even better than good is the harmonica. I been playing harp for 30 years and have adapted to sitting in with a lot of different styles of music Blues, folk and bluegrass mostly.

What I have experienced as a harp player is I get mixed emotions from different festivals at night time jams. Sometimes I am very much welcomed (especially if they recognize me ) and other times I can’t get a break to same my life, so I move on. I’ve even seen where musicians will pack it up and move on when I enter a circle, with caution that is. I’m thinking of taking up the banjo, just so I have more musicians I can play and work with.… More Info!