Jam Resources

Whatever your instrument, we’ll show you how to start jamming!

Here are the jam resources you need to start making music with other people. Does it need to be hard to start? No!

I learned to jam almost as soon as I could chord along on easy songs with friends. Keeping it slow and simple, ANYONE can be jamming as soon as they get their first stringed instrument! Basic rhythm playing + following chords on good songs… easy, fun, and fundamental! Most methods ‘send you to the closet’ for solo practicing. But bluegrass is always played in a group — and that’s where the fun and learning really happens, even just starting out!”

The full ground rules of bluegrass jamming, from “musts” to suggestions.

  • Stream or download!
  • 3 videos, 56 standards
  • Slow/intermediate speeds
  • Chords on screen
  • Solo w/ full band backup
  • Words included
  • Which video is best for me?
  • “The go-to jam songbook”
        — Bluegrass Unlimited
  • 39 favorites, large print
  • Online playlists of all 39
  • Chords/positions shown for all instruments
  • Just $10! Fits in case.

The first skills to learn, in logical order starting with the essentials.

All jammers should be able to recognize these chords, for following along.

  • Pick a song to sing/hum while playing a G…
  • …and guess when to go to D and back. Helps build ear skills!
  • Print a copy to keep in your case.

Find a class near you! With basic skills and good guidance, you can start making music and having fun — almost immediately. Hands-on learning in large and small groups, and understanding, low-pressure, experienced teaching by your Wernick Method certified teacher.

Pete’s time-tested steps for teachers and students, and why they work. Popular article, strongly recommended!

  • The complete original jam video, from 2-chord songs to “The Old Home Place”
  • Great practice for learning mandolin, bluegrass guitar, fiddle, and banjo.
  • Starts with very slow and easy 2-chord songs in G, and moves up to 3-chord songs in G and other keys, with a few favorite instrumentals included.
  • Chords are clearly shown on screen. 
  • Assumes the viewer is already a jammer
  • A 22-song moderate-speed workout with plenty of soloing opportunities
  • Faster speeds add challenge
  • Which video is best for me?

A selection of 116 classics, based on jams all over the U.S. and overseas. Get familiar with these. They’re sure to come up at jams.

  • Play-Along Tracks w/Tab

For Banjo and Guitar. Stereo mix of 14 tracks with vocals and all instruments lets you hear full band with/without your instrument. Or listen to just that instrument! With tab booklet of solos w chords.

116 classics played at bluegrass jams in the U.S. and worldwide! Not familiar with some? Learn them by ear, watching and listening to Online Playlists of 116 Jam Favorites.

  • 140 favorites with melodies in easy tablature.
  • Still the only book about bluegrass singing
  • How the all-time great singers do it, in their own words: Monroe, Flatt, Martin, Stanley, Rowan, Dickens, Allen, Whitley, Waller, McReynolds.
  • Sections on harmony, choosing a key, songwriting, and much more!
  • $35

Pete’s method has never failed to help anyone carry a tune with their voice. And doing that will help your overall musicianship. Find out how.

Find a class near you! Hands-on learning in large and small groups, and understanding, low-pressure, experienced teaching by your Wernick Method certified teacher. Experienced jammers are given extra challenges and can sometimes be grouped together.

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