Level 1 Classes and Camps

QualificationsLevel 1 Classes and Camps
Basic / Early Intermediate
Level 2 Classes and Camps
Intermediate / Advanced
Ability to change chords smoothly between G, C, D, A (or the notes that work on bass and fiddle)
Ample experience with bluegrass jamming; able to solo in more than one key; able to follow guitar chord changes; willing/able to lead songs; experienced using the basic chord number system and jam etiquette
Tempos60-95 beats/minuteRanging over 100 beats/minute (if not sure you can handle that speed for soloing, please check)
SingingPlease try! Song leading is especially valuedAbility to sing generally melodies accurately is expected. Harmony singing is taught daily to those who can learn and usually “hold” a harmony part
SoloingMinimal “placeholder” soloing taught, and acceptable; more advanced soloing taught but not requiredWilling/able to fake passable solos in more than one key (exceptions: bass players and rhythm-only guitar players). Melody-based solos are the standard, so we try for that; ability to find melody notes by ear is expected.
PerformingNo performing expectedSome camps may provide a performance opportunity (expected but optional); some performance coaching; extra coaching available for bands in some camps
OtherIntermediates welcome, and given added challenges. Level 1 camps present a lower challenge than a Level 2 camp in levels of skill and speed, allowing an experienced player to take a more prominent role in the Level 1 jam groups.

Level 1 Camps

Level 1 Weekly Classes

Level 1 One-Day Classes

Level 1 Festival Classes