Level 2 Classes and CampsBasic Classes and Camps
Experience with bluegrass jamming; able to play in more than one key; able to follow guitar chord changes; willing/able to lead songs; know chord number system and jam etiquette
Ability to change chords smoothly between G, C, D, A (fiddlers and bass players: know which notes go with which chords)
TemposRanging over 100 beats/minute60-95 beats/minute
SingingSinging, more or less “in pitch”, is expected; harmony singing taught to those who can learn and usually “hold” a harmony partPlease try! Some principles of harmony will be taught
PerformingPerformance opportunity (expected but optional); some performance coaching; extra coaching available for bandsNo performing expected
Night Activities (Camps)Open to participate in open mic and bluegrass karaokeAttendance welcome at all nighttime activities
OtherIntermediates welcome, and given added challenges