Please identify which class or camp you are evaluating by providing the teacher name, date and location of class/camp.
Was the instructor caring and attentive?
Were the explanations clear and understandable?
Were you engaged ("into it") in your jam group?
Were you overwhelmed in your jam group?
Were you encouraged in your jam group?
Were you well coached in your jam group?
ExcellentVery GoodAdequateSub-parVery negativeDid not attend
In-class instruction overall
Productive use of time overall
Time spent in small jam groups
Pre-class materials and email
Did you receive printed Wernick Method materials from your teacher?
Extremely positiveVery PositiveSlightly positiveSomewhat negativeVery negative
Good learning experience
Worth the money
ExcellentVery GoodAdequateSub-ParNeeded moreNot sure what this is
Placeholder solos instruction
Practice finding melodies
Leading a song in a jam
Singing instruction
Jam Groups
Jam Coaching
Stories, History
Strongly agreeSomewhat agreeNeutralSomewhat disagreeStrongly disagree
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