Betsey Jacobs took piano lessons early on and as an adult picked up the guitar. After 5 years she started attending “slow jams” at a local musician’s home. Though struggling at first to follow chord changes, playing music with other people, her motivation soared. Lessons with a Wernick Method teacher opened her to a completely new way of creating music. 

After attending a Wernick Jam Camp in North Carolina she grew by leaps and bounds as a musician. She now plays music with her partner as the band Ripe for the Pickin’ and teaches guitar lessons.

“Betsey can show kids that they can make music even when they think they can't. My son really enjoyed the lessons and was excited about playing. Music should be fun and not stressful and I want my kids to love to make music for themselves. He was always proud of himself at the end of the lesson, which is really the most important thing.”
“She makes people feel at ease and always has a smile.”
“When I face challenges, Betsey’s right there to help in a way that I’m able to progress.”

Fairbanks, AK

Betsey's Classes