Boca Raton, FL

Bob Altschuler has performed and recorded on banjo with multiple bluegrass bands, presently with Cadence Hollow. His picking has been heard on National Public Radio and on radio and TV commercials. An in-demand private lesson and workshop instructor since the 70s, he has been on the Banjo Camp North faculty since 2002. Bob is also a popular Wernick Method jam instructor. Before moving to Florida he taught many jam classes in upstate NY, helping students on all instruments expand their jamming skills. Bob has also led many ongoing jams.

“Bob combines extraordinary talent with compassionate regard for the beginning student – a rare quality.”
“Bob has a natural gift for teaching a person of any age.”
“I liked Bob’s caring and encouraging attitude and excellent, systematic teaching.”
“The encouragement and motivation this class has provided has been nothing short of remarkable.”
“Great job of making jamming skills accessible.”
“This was a great class. Thanks for encouraging all of us and creating such a positive learning environment.”
“Bob’s sequence is wonderful. He opens doors. I learned so much about how to work on my playing and how to move forward.”
“I’ve learned so much from him and have gained so much more confidence after taking these classes. He does a great job with presentation, instruction, and working with all levels of students.”
Bob’s Camps