Dave Howard has enjoyed years of singing and playing mandolin throughout the U.S. with The 23 String Band – winners of the Louisville Music Awards Bluegrass Artist of the Year – and with the Louisville-based Relic Bluegrass band. He has played and sung on numerous television, radio, and feature film programs.

He recently apprenticed as a fiddler, supported by the Kentucky Arts Council. Dave directs the Louisville Folk School, a traditional music education community he founded in 2015, and sits on the board of Bluegrass Anonymous – Louisville’s Bluegrass Music Association.

“Dave does a great job of teaching to the appropriate level. Thanks to Dave I now have the confidence to participate in jams.”
“A positive, encouraging environment that felt safe. I felt free to experiment and make mistakes.”
“I loved the way it made jamming seem much simpler than I had imagined. It inspired me to learn more music and practice more.”
“The instructors were fantastic. I feel lucky that they were willing and able to spend time sharing their amazing skills with us.”
“We all were brave and reached out beyond our comfort zone in order to get a little better at playing music.”
“The class was really fun. What the world needs now is more people playing music together. This class helps the cause.”
“It was my introduction to really learning how to play in a group. I enjoyed it tremendously. Great teachers and even got to sing several songs.”
“He is very approachable and easy to get along with. The Louisville Folk School is a great asset to our city!”
“The slower tempos allowed for layers of complexity to be added to my experience: sing while playing, paying WAY more attention to other pickers.”
“There are good teachers, and good players. Dave is rare in that he does both well. He understands the struggles new pickers face. Dave’s friendly and genuine demeanor is welcoming and makes people feel at ease and ready to dive in.”
“A fun and productive weekend. True beginners were encouraged throughout.”
“The FOLK SCHOOL is a great place and Dave and his assistants were all excellent teachers and experienced musicians who love the music and enjoy teaching it.”
“Dave and his fellow coaches were excellent, patient instructors.”

Louisville, KY

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