David Benway started picking rhythm guitar and singing on tailgates, fields, and around campfires some 15 years ago. Bluegrass festivals throughout New England became a passionate summertime experience, with jamming always a highlight. In 2010 David formed the VT-based band “Chasing 440” from fellow parking-lot pickers who stepped out of the field and onto the stage, performing locally.

The transition to Wernick Method jam teaching is a natural evolution of his musical direction. David makes no pretense about his instrumental skills: he will tell you that he makes the most of the gifts he has.

“David always encourages folks of all ability levels to join in the jam with a big smile on his face. He wants everyone to enjoy themselves.”
“I had a deer-in-the-headlight experience, David sang the notes in my ear as I played what he sang. Quick and effective!”
“David was so encouraging! He convinced me to let go of my inhibitions and go for it!”
“David is a great fun leader of jams. Besides singing great he really makes sure everyone is on board understanding where we are in the jam”

Underhill, VT

Dave's Classes