Nottingham, NH

With a Master’s in Education and 15 years of teaching math, Ellen Carlson knows what it means to be accountable for students learning what she teaches. Having started fiddle at a young age, she is a versatile and in-demand performer as well as a sought-after teacher. She has taught bluegrass at Fiddle Hell, festivals including Grey Fox and Pemi Valley, and with Pete and Joan Wernick at their Jam Camps. She runs her own camp as well and leads the NH Fiddle Ensemble, a 100+ member “orchestra”. Ellen performs bluegrass with High Range, Rock Spring, and EC & The Darrellicks.

“An amazing teacher!”
“Her supportive and easy-going personality puts the nervous beginner at ease and helps build self-confidence.”
“Learning from Ellen has been such a fun, positive learning experience for me!”
“Ellen is quite skilled at knowing when to step in, what to expect, how to teach each individual.”
“Fine teaching skills and many years of music play and knowledge… a nice combination.”
“The most balanced class/workshop I have ever attended, with the right amount of teaching, playing, and material covered.”
“Our group “final” really showcased how everyone had improved and how much fun we all had.”
“The class was organized, expectations were discussed and made clear. We knew what was planned for each class, what we needed to do.”
“Ellen and this workshop have given me the confidence to sing in front of others. Ellen was always encouraging us as well as gently pushing us. This was a fun and rewarding experience for me.”
“I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, knowing that it was a safe place to do it.”
“This is one of the best things i’ve done for myself. I have so much more confidence. I feel much more relaxed when I play and sing.”
“She did a great job working with the various skills levels.”
“Ellen was great fun but at the same time knew when to be stickler for the concepts.”
“Ellen is amazing! She is an incredible player and teacher! She is so encouraging, she explains things in a way that I am able to understand,”
“All the little details Ellen taught me mean so much when playing with others.”
“Thank you, Ellen, for leading the way!”
“She did a great job… very gentle and motivating with her feedback. It was a lot of fun.”
“Ellen has such an encouraging safe way of challenging me to stretch. I love that. She is also extremely knowledgeable about music. She is wonderful to learn from!”
“Very special instructor. Patient and yet encouraging to get the student to move to the next stage. It is obvious that she enjoys and is good at what she does, and relentlessly tries to move (some very reluctant) students onward.”
“It really is truly amazing how quickly I learned these techniques of how to jam in a Bluegrass session. All of a sudden I really understood patterns. Already, last week I was able to play with a new circle of musicians and follow the chords, and keep up on both my fiddle and mandolin. And I stepped forward and introduced a song to the group & it went very well.”
Ellen’s Camps