Nottingham, NH

Ellen Carlson and Melissa Bragdon Caron co-direct the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble. Ellen has been performing for 35 years, currently with High Range. She teaches fiddle, guitar and mandolin, privately and at major festivals.

Melissa, a versatile fiddler and music teacher, helped develop the 317 Main Community Music Center in Yarmouth. She teaches at her home studio, and plays with the Jerks of Bluegrass.

“Ellen is an amazing teacher!”
Melissa carries a vast knowledge of music and is easy to learn from. She lights a spark in her students that never leaves, and gave me countless opportunities to grow as a musician.
“Ellen’s supportive and easy-going personality puts the nervous beginner at ease and helps build self-confidence.”
“Melissa has a gift for teaching and playing music. She is patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and kind.”
“Learning from Ellen has been such a fun, positive learning experience for me!”
“Melissa is incredibly talented, and gifted working with all ages. I always felt encouraged. She makes it easy, and most importantly, she makes it fun! Melissa is caring, enthusiastic, and delightful to be around.”
“Ellen is quite skilled at knowing when to step in, what to expect, how to teach each individual.”
Ellen’s Camps

Melissa’s Camps