George Welling has played guitar and bass, and sung lead and harmony with various groups over four decades in over a dozen states. For fifteen-plus years he has taught bass, rhythm guitar and singing in Bluegrass Kids Academy classes at the Gettysburg and Delaware Valley festivals. He’s also played in big bands and led the Western Swing group the Oklahoma Twisters. Having recently moved to Ohio, he’s now active hosting and promoting bluegrass jams in the Columbus area.

“George is an effective teacher and jam leader whose humble confidence is infectious and reassuring. He inspires me and pushes me beyond my comfort zone.”
“George’s open and friendly personality, his musicianship, and his organizational skills helped me regain my interest in playing music at jams.”
“Whether we’re performing, teaching a room full of kids, or just jamming, I can count on him to be upbeat, encouraging, funny, and full of musicianly wisdom.”
“A gifted singer, guitarist, and bass player, George creates a hospitable and instructive jam.”
“George is always welcoming to players of different skill levels, and offers suggestions based on ‘“what has happened’ for them to improve their playing. He helps everyone play their best without causing embarrassment or awkwardness. Both experienced and novice players come for this assistance. George has encouraged me to be more courageous in taking breaks. He sincerely wants people to get the most out of the jam and become the best musician they can be. I think I speak for others when I say we strive to do better because we want to make George proud!”

Worthington, OH

George's Classes