Jeff Burke has been performing on mandolin, guitar, and banjo since 1999–a sought-after sideman who’s toured the U.S. and Europe with a variety of acoustic and bluegrass acts. A certified Wernick Method teacher, he has hosted bluegrass jamming classes in several states, including at the John Hartford Festival in Bean Blossom, IN and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.

His down-to-earth teaching style and positive approach to learning music have endeared him to students far and wide. Jeff splits his time between Nashville and Chicago where he currently offers jamming classes as well as private instruction.

“Jeff is a great, patient teacher.”
“Jeff is able to convey difficult material into manageable lessons and encourages you to build on what you’ve learned, even if uncomfortable at first. I highly recommend him!”
“Jeff was very accommodating of people at different skill levels, patient with a group of varied talents.”
“Jeff did a very good job getting me out of my comfort zone with leading songs and attempting breaks.”
“The best at helping all of us at all levels push ourselves, have fun, learn volumes of context in easy to understand manner. Jeff really is outstanding as a teacher & jam leader. Very positive, encouraging, approachable.”
“Jeff worked very hard to prepare for this class and his love of music was infectious.”
“Jeff’s positive energy and solid knowledgeability were a real inspiration. The class was fun and Jeff was a fabulous leader!”
“I like the emphasize on action – teach and immediately in the next hour put it to work. Enough instruction to understand the theory but not seeking college level credit. Great format to have fun and learn quickly at the same time.”
“Jeff is very passionate about music and it shows in the class. He offers positive and constructive feedback. I made huge strides in this class.”
“Great class, I have been recommending it to all my friends that play.”
“Jeff was always enthusiastic about teaching the class, punctual and easy to follow with his instruction style. I would recommend the class for sure. Very impressed with his ability musically and to remember all our names after the 1st session…”
“Loved the level of folks who were in it. Even though I am still in beginner level,Jeff managed to blend us all in & push us just enough. I learned more in this jam class than I have in the 4 years or so I’ve had my banjo.”
“I went from a beginner who did not use a pick and knew only 8 chords to being able to jam, sing, and take solos in 8 weeks. Remarkable encouragement from Jeff moved me much quicker than I thought possible.”
“We all had very different skill levels coming in and Jeff had something we could each learn every lesson.”

Nashville, TN

Jeff's Classes