Penson String Works is the home of Jim Penson, long-time bluegrass musician, teacher, and luthier. He specializes in bluegrass banjo, having played since the 1970s, with The Bee Creek Boys, The Front Porch Boys, Whitehouse Harmony, Eazy Pickinz, and DeAnn Spence and Full House. He also plays rhythm guitar, lead and flatpick guitar, dobro, and a little mandolin. Born in Illinois, not exactly a hotbed of bluegrass activity, he moved south to Texas in the early 1980s.

“With Jim’s teaching and support I feel confident to try taking a break even on songs I am not familiar with. He is a patient, thorough instructor and his mentoring approach has been helpful.”
“Jim works well with every skill level and personality type. He definitely knows how to lead a class!”
“I’m free from tablature and can actually solo. I must give a ton of credit to Jim Penson and his Wernick style jamming. Jim is extremely patient, focuses on everyone having a good time, goes slow, and sticks to the basics”
“Jim is skilled on all bluegrass instruments.”

Arlington, TX

Jim's Classes