Jodi Harbin is a career musician who teaches mandolin, guitar, banjo and bass. She was the founder of the Colorado bluegrass band, Lonesome Traveler, and has continued her involvement in the bluegrass community after moving to the Knoxville area. She now performs with several groups including The Savage Hearts, and with her husband Tim Harbin.

Working with Steve Kaufman at his camp every summer has exposed her to a wide range of teachers and teaching materials on all the bluegrass instruments.

“Lots of fun and lots of learning. Thank you for promoting and teaching how to play music with friends- a great joy.”
“She has the patience of an angel and the skills of a master craftsperson!”
“She has a wealth of talent, vast music knowledge but more importantly a passion for teaching, as well as compassion, flexibility and humor.”
“Jodi did an excellent job of engaging everyone and making us feel safe. Positive fun atmosphere.”
“What a talented, patient, versatile, and knowledgeable instructor”
“Jodi is so much fun to work with. She is a great teacher and always inspires me to learn more.”
“Her knowledge, patience, and ability as a teacher are second only to her amazing talent as a musician.”
“All questions were welcomed and answered. This class exceeded my expectations.”

Powell, TN

Jodi's Classes