Joel Denman has been a music teacher in the in the Denver area public schools since 1990. He fell in love with bluegrass as a teenager and now specializes in fiddle, guitar and baritone vocals as a longtime member of Kantankerous and Lannie Garrett’s Patsy DeCline show. With a degree from Berklee College of Music, he also plays professionally in bluegrass, blues, rock, jazz, and country bands.

As a jam coach, Joel mixes his easy-going personality with a drive to inspire life-long musicians. Joel is currently on the board of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society.

“Joel is a dedicated and energetic teacher. He gave me the tools I needed to jam and express myself musically.”
“Whether it’s guitar, fiddle, mandolin or banjo, he’s the best!”
“His depth of knowledge and passion for bluegrass is contagious. Because of Joel, I have the motivation and courage to pick with others and to pursue my dream.”
“Joel opened my eyes. He showed me how to improvise and play by ear.”

Parker, CO

Joel's Classes