John David is a master on banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar, and harmonica. He also plays fiddle and bass. He toured with music luminaries the Limeliters, performed with Leon Redbone, and has recorded for many television shows, commercials, and movie soundtracks.

John created two instructional videos, on banjo and mandolin, for the Warner Brothers “Ultimate Beginner” series. While the Denver Post describes him as a “guitarist’s guitarist”, John is also eager to help everyday people with the challenges of learning to jam.

“The atmosphere at the jam workshop made everyone, beginners and experienced alike, feel welcome and comfortable.
“He showed me simple ways to get around roadblocks that had frustrated me for a long time”
“John made me (and everyone) feel at ease, created a fun atmosphere.”
“John made me (and everyone) feel at ease, created a fun atmosphere.”
“John gets better and better every time I take his class. He’s aware of how everybody in the class is doing and he’s very self-reflective about small things to add/change to improve the experience. I’m hooked.”
“Thanks for all the help, especially the suggestions on vocal improvement.”
“I was surprised at how much I learned and how quickly.”
“He’s able to teach and play every instrument, never become annoyed and kept the excitement and energy going all weekend – superb! Organization, clarity, pacing (fast clip, but seemed to work for the group) kindness, this was the best it could have been”
“Each class just gets better and better. Keep doing what you’re doing!”
“Always a great time. Always look forward to the challenge.”
“John is really a fabulous teacher who possesses that rare combination: the ability to advance students to another level of proficiency while simultaneously ensuring they really have fun doing it.”

Glendale, CA

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