Joshua Adkisson plays 11 instruments. He discovered bluegrass after the death of his parents, finding a stash of bluegrass albums and listening to their records to feel closer to them. He’s also a classically trained vocalist who sang with the U. of Louisiana’s Lafayette Chorale for 4 years, and sang at Carnegie Hall.

He has played with the Garland Square Bluegrass Jam in Garland, TX, started the Plano (TX) Bluegrass Jam, the Oklahoma City Bluegrass Jam, and now runs the Norman Bluegrass Jam in Norman, OK where he lives with his wife and 3 tiny dogs.

“Joshua has been a great teacher, taking the time to share the benefit of his experience and make sure I truly understand the underlying concepts.”
“Joshua is always helpful and takes the time to explain the material, the stories behind the music. He seems to enjoy teaching as much as he enjoys the music.”
“Joshua is a great teacher. I had never played bluegrass before but he got me going with the basics pretty quickly, despite my very limited ability. He always keeps it fun and interesting. He's also always looking for new ways to engage.”
“Joshua is very well prepared to do his class, he will give you his all and make sure you go away with what you came for.”

Norman, OK

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