Louisville, CO

Kevin Slick has been performing, writing, and recording music for over 35 years. A talented multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, banjo), he has recorded over 30 albums as a solo artist or as part of a group, and teaches music as well. He plays mostly progressive bluegrass with The Savage Hearts and mostly traditional bluegrass with the Steel Pennies. Kevin is a photographer, visual artist, school teacher and long-term resident of Louisville, CO.

“Kevin has boundless energy and a vast knowledge of music and music history which he shares with students.”
“Kevin weaves the magic and mystery of learning into an exciting learning experience.”
“A consistently caring, warm and engaging atmosphere.”
“Kevin’s personal warmth and experienced musicianship, as well as his “teacher’s heart” makes him a valued part of the Wernick Method system. (Pete Wernick)”
“I’m impressed by his perceptiveness, intelligence and ability to tailor how he teaches to whoever he is teaching.”
“Kevin is a very encouraging teacher. He provides an environment in which students of all levels feel comfortable exploring jamming.”
“What a magical and memorable experience!”
“Kevin and Terry’s patience, humor and skills were hugely appreciated.”
Kevin’s Camps