Maggie Moore is a singer/songwriter with Appalachian roots, growing up in Virginia and later moving to West Virginia and Colorado. A music history major, she has sung in gospel, folk, rock, jazz, classical, and bluegrass groups. In Colorado Maggie started performing bluegrass with the Drifter Band, which hosted a regular bluegrass gospel jam.

She now teaches mandolin and singing as well as bluegrass jamming. In recent years Maggie has expanded into songwriting. She and her partner, Ricky G Fox, have recorded 3 CDs and are known for their authentic, homespun duo sound.

“Maggie and Ricky were extremely friendly, accepting, enthusiastic, and encouraging. They were also quite knowledgeable of their instruments, the Wernick method, jams, singing, and Bluegrass music. I highly recommend them and their class.”
“Maggie and Ricky are great, and they made it interesting and informative, and fun.”
“Maggie is kind, thoughtful, and a 4 star good musician.”
“One of the best teachers I have ever had!”
““Maggie and Rick were very patient and encouraging throughout class and I always left class with a smile.”
“Maggie and Ricky worked well presenting the class. All questions received an informed answer. It was very fun and interesting!”
“Ms. Moore is quite a delightful teacher. She is smart, caring, intelligent.”
“She is fun, loves music, respectful, cares about people.”

Huntington, WV

Maggie's Classes