Max Schwartz is from Berkeley CA, currently attending the U. of Miami Frost School of Music on scholarship. He is acclaimed as both a bluegrass and jazz musician, having won the 2019 Rockygrass Banjo Competition and being a two-time member of the GRAMMY® Jazz Combo. He toured for three years with renowned bluegrass bandleader Laurie Lewis and now plays with the Stamps Jazz Quintet. Max has taught bass, banjo, fiddle, jamming, band skills, and more at bluegrass camps including the Walker Creek Music Camp, the California Bluegrass Association Youth Academy, and Fiddlekids.

“Max is truly exceptional. He is an incredibly positive and patient teacher. He has just the right touch of enthusiasm combined with sincerity. Max’s love of music comes through in his teaching.”
“His enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge boundless. He was a great teacher but more importantly, is a great guy who by nature goes the extra mile.”
“He comes to a class with a plan, yet is facile and skilled enough to adapt/adjust his teaching methods to meet varying needs.”
“Max was knowledgeable, well-prepared, and patient with a very diverse group (experience-wise). Most of all, he was a lot of fun!”

South Miami, FL

Max's Classes