Michael Jockel began playing music as a teenager, in various Rock, Folk, and Country groups. After discovering bluegrass and the 5-string banjo at age 18, he has now performed on banjo, guitar and dobro with the German band Grass Unlimited since the ’80s. He enjoys attending bluegrass jams in Germany and Holland. Michael teaches guitar and banjo and also runs Pickin’ Rooster Recording Studio specializing in acoustic music recordings.

Michael Jockel begann seine musikalischen Aktivitäten bereits als Teenager in verschiedenen Rock-, Folk-, und Country Bands. Bereits seit den 80er Jahren spielt er Banjo, Gitarre und Dobro bei der deutschen Bluegrass Band „Grass Unlimited“. Michael unterrichtet Gitarre und 5-string Banjo und betreibt sein eigenes „Pickin’ Rooster Recording Studio“.

“Michael’s approach is to encourage playing by ear. I used to learn tunes, now I play music.”
“Michael is a great traditional Banjo player and teacher. He teaches the “Basics” and we have a lot of fun.”
“Michael Jockel is always very positive and open to all questions. The explanations were also good.”
“It was a fantastic experience playing together, and listening to one another. The atmosphere was relaxed. Michael made sure that everyone could participate according their skills. He encouraged everybody to play a solo – thus everyone was able to contribute and the whole session was a huge success.”
“Michael is very clear and understandable. He additionally is a likeable person.”

Alsbach-Haehnlein, Germany

Michael's Classes