Nate Schwartz and Grant Milliken have played music together since 2010, performing bluegrass as well as jazz, rock, and R&B in some of LA’s most prestigious venues. Nate grew up playing mandolin and singing with his family bluegrass band, Oak Grove, recording two records and playing major California bluegrass festivals.

Grant—along with 15 years playing acoustic guitar—is an in-demand keyboardist and record producer, helping bands shape their sound and create compelling performances. Nate and Grant live just north of Culver City, where they record, host concerts and jam sessions, and teach out of their homes.

“Grant follows a ‘learning music should be fun’ philosophy. Even explaining something technical, he doesn’t rely on jargon to get his point across.”
“Grant always finds exciting ways to tie his lessons back to fundamentals, very helpful as I develop my musicianship.”
“Grant has really helped me so I can play with other musicians and know the ‘lingo’.”
“Nate has a deep love and knowledge of music, yet is very patient and thorough in his explanation of concepts!”
“When Nate showed me how to solo using the melody it was like a lightbulb went on in my brain! No more jam sessions dreading my turn for a solo …”

Los Angeles, CA

Nate & Grant's Classes