Pat Carine has been teaching private lessons in his home area of Medway for over ten years, on banjo, guitar, mandolin and fiddle. He plays banjo in a traditional bluegrass band, Storm’s Creek, and in a new, more progressive group called Mad River Railroad. He hosts jam groups for the benefit of students and others in the community.

“Pat is an amazing teacher! He always comes to class with a sense of humor and creates a learning environment that’s easy to feel comfortable in.”
“I learned to play music with other people even if I didn’t know the song being played.”
“Excellent job in exposing the bluegrass jam experience and encouraging participants.”
“At age 52 with no musical experience, learning the banjo could be daunting but Pat has made the experience wonderful. He is very patient and makes it easy to relax and learn at my own pace, but most of all, he makes it fun!”
“I enjoyed singing a lot! I felt I was able to build confidence with each class and learn what key I sing best in.”
“Pat has done a masterful job at creating a safe environment for us to learn in. Everyone in my groups has lead, played solos and sung a song.”
“Pat is a very good teacher and a good guy. He makes music lessons enjoyable. In jam sessions he promotes participation by all.”
“Pat has been teaching my son guitar and mandolin for 2 years. He is very accomodating and patient, and has become a friend and a mentor as well as a great teacher!”
“Thanks for teaching me mandolin and introducing me your weekly jam session!”

Medway, OH

Pat's Classes