Pierre Bastide (aka ResoMan) has picked the banjo and dobro for many years and plays with Franco-américain, Silkwood, Pierre Bastide Syndicate, and other bands. He also enjoys playing swing, blues, country, old time 2-finger, and most forms of modern music. He has led several resonator guitar workshops in Europe and coordinates The La Roche Bluegrass Workshop.

Pierre is a regular at the famed Walnut Valley Festival in Kansas, where he earned the title of Unofficial Reso Champion 2006. In a news article about WVF campground jams he was mentioned as the “French dobro player that sounded like a Nashville sessions player.”

Pierre Bastide (aka ResoMan) joue du banjo et du dobro depuis de nombreuses années. Pierre est un membre régulier de Franco-Americana, SilkWood, Pierre Bastide Syndicate, et un sideman avec beaucoup d’autres groupes. Il aime aussi jouer swing, blues, country, old-time 2-finger et la plupart des autres styles de musique moderne. Il a dirigé plusieurs ateliers de guitare à résonateur et de banjo en Europe. Il est le coordinateur du La Roche Bluegrass Workshop. Pierre est un habitué du fameux Walnut Valley Festival au Kansas où il a obtenu le titre de Unofficial Reso Champion 2006.

“Pierre Bastide is as dedicated as they come, a strong and sympathetic workshop organiser/teacher and a supportive jam leader with a thoughtful and passionate attitude. His sensitivity when it comes to working with those who are just starting out is second to none.”
“Pierre’s passion for jamming makes him a good teacher for this. He is patient in the way he demonstrates how a jam works, and what my part is. He also transfers some of this passion onto the students. Makes them want to jam and shine.”
“He is very supportive and encouraging. Pierre knows how to take the time to make sure we understand.”
“In a slow jam with different instruments, he welcomes beginners and makes sure the more advanced players will not speed up too soon and take over. He will go through a step by step explanation of what makes a slow jam work and be fun.”

Paris, France

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