Vera Vann-Wilson plays guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, fiddle, and Dobro, and has appeared on the Lester Flatt Show and the old and new Grand Ole Opry stages. After a 20-year hiatus as a middle school special education teacher, she dusted off her banjo and joined her current band Stuck in Reverse. In her spare time (!) Vera runs marathons.

“Vera is very patient and understands how each instrument fits into the music, allowing her to give insight to each student.”
“I appreciate Vera’s willingness to help anybody that needs a little assistance.”
“The class has also allowed me to connect with the Las Vegas bluegrass community, which I had no idea existed!”
“I learned so much from Vera, mainly because of the patience and encouragement she showed me!”
“Vera helped me go from total beginner to playing with a band and jamming regularly with several groups. I’m really getting better!”

Blue Diamond, NV

Vera's Classes