Vince May grew up around bluegrass, attending festivals and shows, and got his first dobro over 30 years ago. A 26-year Army veteran, he’s jammed in Baghdad and played with several bluegrass bands but mostly The Guard, based in Roanoke, VA, Vince May & Friends, and the Rose River Ramblers. Vince says, “Bluegrass has always been a part of my life. I started hosting jams at Grave’s Mountain Farm & Lodges, and now conduct 4 weekend jams per year there. Jamming is a big part of each festival we attend and always seems to go until the morning hours. Great fun!”

“Vince is a strong musician, vocalist, and leader. He is organized, hard working and can work with adults as well as children. His love and passion for music is apparent and he is always encouraging others! His outgoing personality is exceeded only by his musical expertise. He amazes me with his work ethic and his energy. I am so blessed to have met and received musical knowledge from Vince, and I couldn't think of a better person to learn from.”
“Vince May is a gifted musician who is dedicated to preserving bluegrass and it's history. He hosts wonderful bluegrass jams, welcoming one and all who desire to join in no matter their skill level. I have attended many of his bluegrass jams and know that any aspiring or accomplished bluegrass picker would have fun!”
“Since meeting Vince several years ago, his jams have been my go-to. I feel like part of a family when I’m with them. His choice of songs and tunes are perfect for all musicians from beginners to the experts and he encourages them all to join in. His jams are very organized and welcoming, pickers don’t feel like they aren’t good enough the be in the jam. He really shows great leadership and dedication. I feel that I have become a better musician because of Vince May.”

Bedford, VA

Vince's Classes