Will there be multiple bass players at jam class/camp?

“Do you expect other bass players? I ask this for two reasons. First, I don’t get to talk to other bass players often. Second, three hours of hard jamming is about all my fingers can take at a time. It would be nice to take turns.”

We don’t expect steady playing for more than 2 hours at a time. So far, one other bass player is signed up, and we never know what to expect. Usually we’re short on bass players, so I HOPE you’ll sign up! Without bass players, we double up guitars, if available, in the small groups. Normally the bass players stay busy during the small groups times of day.

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Is electric bass OK for jam class/camp?

Amplifying will probably be necessary as the smaller “guitar” type basses are pretty quiet for bluegrass needs. No problem whatsoever playing electric bass. It’s definitely an acceptable variation on the traditional standup, as long as it’s played appropriately. Naturally there are limitations to where you can play, as you need to plug in your amp. Though there are battery powered amps which let you play anywhere.”

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How should bass players prepare for jam class/camp?

“In the orientation materials I didn’t see much about upright bass music. So I’ve been working on a variety of songs from your song list. Some fast jams, some slow and what-not.”

Your comment and this response are going right onto our web site, to help others prepare for future camps. What you are doing is right on target. Also, be sure to practice your 1/4/5 positions in different keys. Playing along with recordings of standards is great practice too.

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