When are you doing this again? I don’t feel ready for it.

The sooner you start, the sooner it gets easier! It’s typical at first that students are a little out of their comfort zones, but our teachers understand and will gently help you expand that zone, getting you jamming with people at your level. Don’t let this rare chance pass by!

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I’m not that good yet and don’t want to hold the camp back!

Our only requirements: (1) you can tune your instrument, and (2) you can change smoothly between G, C, D, and A chords (fiddle and bass players need to know which notes work with which chords). Fast playing and soloing are not expected. If you can do the above, your teacher can guide you on how to participate in slow and easy jams. The camp will show you how to follow new songs, fake simple solos, learn standard repertoire, overcome timing problems, and fit in without stress.

“Last year was my first year at Jam Camp. I drove down from NY listening to bluegrass songs and trying to cram as many as I could into my poor brain. I was SO nervous. I was sure I wouldn’t play well enough or sing well enough for this group.

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I already go to a large jam, so I’m not sure I need this.

We offer a more user-friendly situation than most large jams. At Wernick Method camps, your teacher makes sure that:

  1. Everyone is in tune
  2. No one plays backup too loud
  3. Tempos are not too fast
  4. Everyone observes proper jam etiquette

Students jam in well-matched groups no larger than 8, tended by friendly experienced coaches, and are shown how to work together to make the best music possible… even if they’re new to jamming. At our jams, people can hear themselves, and feel encouraged!

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