Any advice for future jam campers?

Jam Camp requirements are simple, but preparation is important. From previous jam students:

“Have fun and enjoy, you’ll be very impressed how much you’ll learn during the camp.”
— Gerald (TX)

“Pete and his assistants will help and encourage you, and occasionally nudge you along. Some campers are a little uncomfortable or shy in the beginning but that’s expected, and once you get started you will see that it is easier than what you may have thought. Their job is to move you gently out of your comfort zone to learn to play bluegrass with others, and have an enjoyable time.”

“Far too many instruction methods teach a bluegrass instrument in a way quite isolated from what it means to be a functional bluegrass musician. They teach solos, to be read from a page, where playing bluegrass involves active use of (learnable) ear skills and awareness of/ involvement in a team effort.”
— Pete

“…we need reminding that how much we get out of the camp depends a lot on how much we put into preparing for the camp and how flexible and open we are to new experiences at the camp. Pete, Joan, and the camp staff are offering us an opportunity to have a great time singing and playing some great music with some great people. How much we get out of this opportunity depends mostly on our own willingness to make the effort.”
— Bruce (KY)

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