What are the average age and skill levels for jam camp?

All skill levels are welcome. The only prerequisite is the ability to change smoothly and quickly between simple chords like G, C, D, and A. Often there are quite a few who have never or only rarely jammed. The camp is designed for them. But often there are also more experienced/skilled players, and they generally fit in quite well, with the understanding that when jamming with the less skilled, they need to keep the songs easy and the tempos moderate. Wernick Method teachers are trained to give a variety of extra challenges to more experienced players, and when possible, to group them together.

Two Wernick Method students, ages 10 and 88

Average age varies by camp and is hard to guess, but we’ve had folks from under 10 to over 80. For parents of youngsters, please first contact the teacher to discuss.

Some jam groupings mix different experience levels, and some match skills more closely — just as happens in real life, so a chance at each is good training. Teachers offer personalized comments to everyone at the camp, with their experience level taken into account.

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