What should I bring to class?

  • Songs to sing, whether memorized or in songbooks or any printed version. An iPad on a stand is a useful jam tool if you can get online to a lyrics website. A variety of good songs is the heart and soul of a good jam!
  • A clip-on electronic tuner – a “must”, $20 or less at music stores or online. Get comfortable using it. We recommend the D’Addario tuner, small enough to be left on your instrument full-time. Keep spare batteries. Tune early, tune often!
  • A recording device (can be your smart phone). Besides recording some of the teaching, it’s often useful to record songs as you jam – especially new ones you want to learn. You can play along with your recording later, with earphones or other amplification.
  • Banjo and dobro players must bring and have practiced playing with a thumb pick and two finger picks. Wearing the picks is necessary to be heard at proper volume.
  • Guitar and mandolin players must use a pick… a flat pick (standard), or a thumb pick.
  • A strap for your instrument (fiddles and basses excepted) allows you to play while standing. There will be times you’ll want to do that.
  • Banjo, guitar, and dobro players will need a capo for ease of changing keys.
  • A music stand for song lyrics or your recorder might come in handy. Not every person needs a stand as there are probably enough to share.
  • See this information about what will be provided to you.

What not to bring (as they won’t be used):

  • Metronomes
  • Instrumental technique books
  • Tablature
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