What’s covered at a Wernick Method jam class or camp?

WM Teacher John Holenko leading students in a classroom-style session.

At the first session, after a little orientation, the teacher leads the class on 2- and 3-chord songs, at easy tempos. If you’ve never jammed before, this first session will get you going. Everyone will be invited to sing, take solos, and show their stuff… or just work on following along. Keeping it together and keeping it fun will be the main goals.

The first part of every session is classroom-style, instructing on topics including: following new songs smoothly, jam etiquette and traditions, how to lead songs and avoid “train wrecks”, finding melodies, faking solos, kicking off and ending songs, picking keys, using capos, the chord number system, harmony singing, and a lot more!

After the classroom half of the session, the full group is divided into small jam groups, each coached by the teacher or an assistant. Teaching this way helps keep the group working well together, and gives the instructor a chance to give individual pointers. Read more about the Wernick Method, and see the Essentials of the Wernick Method followed by all WM teachers.

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